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Welcome to Raymar Plumbing Services

Established in 1998, Raymar Plumbing Services, Inc., has been serving commercial and residential customers in Washington DC and surrounding Maryland suburbs

Faucet Repairs

When your faucet won't stop dripping call Raymar Plumbing Services, Inc to make it stop

Clear Clogged Drains

Probably the most annoying plumbing problem anyone can experience is an overflowing toilet. Most clogged drains are easy to clear but some are signs of bigger problems

Water Heaters

We all take having hot water anytime we want it for granted. And when it's not there we want the problem fixed and fixed FAST!

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Who We Are

RAYMAR Plumbing Services, Inc., is a well known plumbing services company in the Washington DC, and surrounding suburbs in Maryland.  Established in 1998 from the former commercial division of Warner Plumbing, RAYMAR continues to  provide plumbing services to both commercial and residential customers.

RAYMAR Plumbing Services, Inc., is owned and operated by Ray Ballew and Martin Yost.  Both Ray and Marty came from the former Warner Plumbing company and are still very much involved with the daily operations of the company and can be found at their desk almost every day of the week.

Our reputation as a fast and reliable service company is the reason we have been able to retain a number of our customers from the very early days of the company.  But we do so much more than just handle everyday emergency plumbing problems.

In addition to sewer stoppages and kitchen sink backups, we also do:

  • water heater repairs and installations
  • video inspection of sewer and drain lines
  • backflow preventer testing and certifications
  • winterizing and de-winterizing of swimming pools
  • industrial installations
  • fire hydrant flow testing
  • replacement of broken sewer lines
  • any many more services
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